Respect and Dignity: Make the Road New York, Make the Road Action Fund

Hold Gov. Cuomo Accountable to Working Families

When working-class New Yorkers joined together to form the Make the Road Action Fund we set out to build political power rooted in working-class Latino communities, demanding policy solutions that have meaningful impact in all New Yorkers’ lives, and advancing a progressive agenda in New York State.

Our vision and our power has prevailed. We stood strong and refused to give Governor Cuomo a pass for ignoring working families in his first term.

Now we need you to take the pledge to stand with us to ensure we hold the Governor accountable!

Make the Road Action Fund is a grassroots member of the Working Families Party's Executive Council. To obtain the endorsement of the Working Families Party, the Governor was forced to commit to 1) advancing a working-class agenda and 2) securing a strong Democratic majority in the Senate to finally make Albany work for all of us.

We helped build a historic progressive coalition which compelled the Governor to concede to our demands, prioritizing passage of the following bills in his next term:

  • The New York Dream Act;

  • The Women’s Equality Act;

  • Decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana;

  • Fair elections and public financing;

  • Increasing statewide minimum wage to $10.10, with automatic increases for cost of living, and granting localities the authority to set a higher minimum wage based on their local cost of living;

  • Increasing funding for high-need schools and funding community schools throughout the state.

But these promises alone are not enough. While his commitment to prioritize working families in his second term is a positive step, our actions on Election Day could stop all of our progress dead in its tracks.

Let’s make sure we show the full strength of working families in New York by voting on Row D, the Working Families Party line on Tuesday, November 4th. Be a part of Make the Road Action Fund as we continue organizing in our community. Pledge to join with us and hold Governor Cuomo accountable from now until he makes his promises real.

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